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Jade Dolphin Pendant


I had a relationship with a solo dolphin in the bay years ago and carved many dolphin pendants.

I feel it is time to bring that joyous dolphin energy back into focus, so I hope that this dolphin can inspire joy into your life too.

I don’t know what the silvery mineral is in this jade but it is very attractive and it’d popularity has meant I am down to the last of this jade.

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This jade dolphin pendant is carved from a lovely New Zealand jade. It has silvery flecks of some sort of mineral inclusion and I have used the rind as a contrast which I feel is like the dolphin breaking the waves as it breathes.

The inlaid eyes are gold flakes I have found here in golden bay, New Zealand.

The jade is self collected a long time ago and proved so popular that it is nearly all gone now.

The dolphin is 6cm high and 6.2cm wide.

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