Lovely Jade Fishhook


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The fishhook or Hei Matau as a symbol represents the search in our lives for fulfillment.

(Liken it to the act of fishing and trying to catch a fish).

This is a beautiful piece of jade which I was very pleased to find. The pendant is also one of the first pieces I have carved from this stone!

This Fishhook is carved from a lovely New Zealand jade with colour changes from the white rind top into the flecked and patterned body.

This gives a lovely visual contrast.

I have carved it in a contemporary style with flowing lines and gentle curves to make a beautiful pendant (in my opinion)!

Jade self collected ages ago, I only recently slabbed this stone and I am very impressed with it.

I have put a contemporary twist on a traditional lashing around the head of the pendant flowing into the adjustable cord.

The piece is 8.2cm long and 3.9cm at it’s widest point.


Dimensions 3.9 × 8.2 cm
Lovely Jade Fishhook