’Triquetra’ Jade Celtic Knot


A Celtic knot carved from a delightful light green New Zealand jade in a 3 pointed form called a triquetra.

I have to admit a liking for this shape and I think this piece is quite striking, both in form and the jade itself!

A Celtic knot carved in Triquetra form from a lovely lighter green New Zealand jade with contrasting black flecks and bright green splashes of chrome diopside.

There are some unusual grey lines through this stone( most visible backlit), these are just lines and not cracks! I think they are an interesting feature of this beautiful jade.

Another self collected jade which I only cut recently, a real pleasure to carve and I am enjoying working with it a lot!

This pendant is 6.5cm high and 7.2cm point to point.

The cord is adjustable.

Dimensions 7.2 × 6.5 cm


’Triquetra’ Jade Celtic Knot